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I have always had a passion for cars, and I especially am meticulous about how I take care of them. As a former Engineer turned Auto Detailer/Business Owner, I pride myself in bringing the best work forward to all my clients and their vehicles. 

Haute Details offer high quality full service auto detailing. Whether you want to preserve and protect your car from the daily drive or to bring your car to a brilliant showcase presentation, we can help meet your needs. We use only premium professional brands, modern technology, advanced methods, and employ safe, effective techniques to preserve and protect your car and to maintain its appearance at its best. With a sharp eye and dedication in our work, we strive to bring the best out of each and every car that is in our hands, to achieve the “haute” – a French term for high-end, superior, custom – look.

We understand the significant impact of the surrounding elements can have on our cars, such as the inadvertent exposure of over-spray paint, the build-up from heavy concentrated environmental fall-outs and mild ferrous oxide deposits, and even acidic tree sap baked on the car surfaces, which go unnoticed and can unnecessarily age and corrode the appearance of the car. We pay close attention to such details to treat and remove them safely and effectively.

We use premium detailing solutions and sophisticated equipment and tools, in combination of various buffing and polishing techniques that include nanotechnology abrasives, to maximize results in bringing brilliance, beauty and protection to your car. We consciously chose to apply safe, environmental-friendly methods such as steam cleaning to effectively clean the interior of the car without exposing you to harmful chemicals. Delicate areas such as Convertible (fabric/vinyl) tops and Leather are treated with specially formulated products to gently clean and protect, and prevent rotting and cracks. Each section of your car will be thoroughly detailed with thoughtful intentions in order to present you a car that is beyond just clean.

For the car enthusiasts and exotic/classic/fine car collectors, we provide specialized auto detailing services such as Paint Correction, Protection Coating, and Deep Conditioning Leather application. All of these services are labor intensive, complex and require considerable hours in order to transform your beauty into a work of art. To learn more about these services, check out the “Services” section or call to discuss further about the services and pricing.

We work with our clients to customize auto detailing needs based on the desired goals and budget.

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