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Paint Correction – Concours Preparation

Haute Details introduces specialized services: Paint Correction and Concours Preparation.  Along with car enthusiasts and Exotic/Classic car collectors, Haute Details share in the joy and appreciation for well detailed fine cars.  Exotic cars – such as Porshe, Ferrari, Lamborghini to name a few – are prized possessions and admired for their exceptional beauty and art in all around body and driveability.  Therefore a great amount of attention is addressed to maintain these types of cars.

Before-paint-correction-1-haute-details After-paint-correction-2-haute-details

Paint correction is a stand-alone option focusing on the paint surfaces of the car.  It involves advanced levels of buff and polish using nanotechnology abrasives to remove light defects on the paint surfaces to reveal depth and clarity in the finish.  Magnified at the fine detailed level, swirl marks and holograms, haze, scratches, and other light defects are typically observed which distract the potential of brilliance in color and gloss of the paint.  Paint correction is also employed to correct buffing trails left by incorrect and/or unskilled detailers using improper and aggressive buffing techniques. There are different variables such as the condition of the car that will determine the intensity level required in paint correction and can remove 50-90% of defects (again depending on the condition and the type of car).  Results will vary but can potentially yield close to a like-brand new appearance.  When done safely and properly, paint correction will yield a beautiful gloss and reflection and at that level, can help preserve the original factory paint.

In the ultimate car detailing service for those looking to present your cars in local or grand car shows, Haute Details is here to provide you the Concours-level Preparation.  We are fully equipped to transform your car into a top-notch car show attendee.  Call to discuss further about this service and pricing.

Before and After (Porsche) with Paint Correction service.

Paint Correction and Concours Preparation are labor-intensive processes – going beyond advanced skills that command an uncompromising labor of love – also require a specific level of precautions to deliver the right look for each unique car.  These services require at minimum three days or longer depending on the model, the condition and the clients’ goals.  The services include as follows:

  1. Hand wash exterior
  2. Polymer technology abrasives (claying) to remove contaminants embedded on paint surfaces
  3. Complete clean/detail of wheels and wheel wells
  4. Clean and dress trim and tires
  5. Advanced stages of polishing and buffing processes
  6. Durable, long lasting sealant application to protect paint surfaces
  7. Clean doors, trunk and hood jambs
  8. Clean and dress dashboard, door panels, center console and vents
  9. Vacuum interior
  10. Deep clean mats and carpet
  11. Spot clean headliner
  12. Clean windows and mirror surfaces

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