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Paint Correction

Paint Correction is labor-intensive process – going beyond advanced skills that command an uncompromising labor of love – which requires a specific level of precaution, manual and high tech skills, dedication, and experience to deliver unbelievable results, uniquely tailored for each car that undergo this work.

Paint Correction is a process in the removal of swirls and defects on the paint surfaces. When the surface is magnified or observed with the naked eye (depending on the degree of the defects), swirl marks and holograms, haze, scratches, and other defects are present which distracts the potential brilliance in color and gloss of the paint. Paint Correction in auto detailing involves multi-stage, advanced buff and polish techniques using nanotechnology abrasives in combination of proper pad density. This method is utilized to correct buffing trails left by improper, aggressive buffing techniques. Brand new cars direct from the factory will even have these defects present too.

For each vehicle before any paint correction work is scheduled, commencement of a discussion with the vehicle’s owner in regards to concerns and expectations will be done. A thorough assessment is performed, which involves the evaluation of paintwork, the measurement of clear coat paint thickness, and the degree of defects present. There are variables such as the condition and age of the car that will determine the intensity of the preparation required in Paint Correction. Results will vary (depending on the condition, the age and the type of car) but can remove 50-95% of defects, potentially yielding close to a like-brand new appearance.  When done safely and properly, Paint Correction will yield a beautiful gloss and reflection and at that level, can help preserve the original factory paint and reveal depth and clarity in the finish of the paint surfaces.

This service requires at minimum three days or longer depending on the model, the condition and the clients’ goals.

Before and After Paint Correction results are shown below:

Before-paint-correction-1-haute-details After-paint-correction-2-haute-details

Before and After (Porsche) with Paint Correction service.

Once Paint Correction is done, it is highly recommended that an application of a Protective Coating be performed to help maintain and preserve the finish from the Paint Correction (free of light defects and swirls) for an extended period of time. The Protective Coating service is a separate option. Click on here for more information.

In the Ultimate Auto Detailing Service for those looking to present your cars in local or grand car shows, Haute Details is here to provide you the Concours-level Preparation.  A great amount of attention and dedication is addressed in this detailing service. This service will include Paint Correction and will require several days of work depending on the goal. We are fully equipped to transform your car into a top-notch car show attendee.  Call to discuss further about this service and pricing.

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