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Interior & Exterior Auto Detailing Services

Like the oil in the engine and other vital parts in your vehicle, the interior and exterior car surfaces needs to be regularly maintained to complete the overall performance of your vehicle.

A local tunnel car wash every now and then is not nearly as sufficient in maintaining your vehicle as routinely serviced by a professional auto detailer. With experience and a strong knowledgeable base in auto detailing, a professional is especially important when your car requires special attention to the removal of light defects, small and difficult to clean areas, and/or gentle care on specific sections of the car that are delicate like leather seats and thin clear coats. Additionally, certain areas require more sophisticated techniques and applications to remove such contaminants resulting from the harsh daily environmental exposures.

Choose from a set of service packages or customize a package to meet your specific needs. Call for an estimate and/or consultation on customized options.

Gift Certificates are available.

Our Prices

Estimates for most services can be given through email or by phone based on the year, make and model of the vehicle.

Exact quote is given after a physical assessment and will depend on size, type and overall condition of the vehicle.

Below is a list of packages:

Gold Package:

  1. Hand wash and dry exterior
  2. Clean wheels
  3. Clean and dress trim & tires
  4. Premium Wax (acrylic polymers/carnauba)
  5. Clean door jambs
  6. Clean & dress dashboard, door panels and center console
  7. Vacuum interior
  8. Clean windows and mirror surfaces

Platinum Package:

  1. Hand wash and dry exterior
  2. (Claying) polymer technology abrasives to remove embedded contaminants
  3. Clean wheels
  4. Clean and dress trim & tires
  5. Light Polish & Wax (Premium acrylic polymers/carnauba)
  6. Clean door jambs
  7. Clean & dress dashboard, door panels, center console and vents
  8. Vacuum interior
  9. Standard Leather Treatment (if applicable)
  10. Deep clean of mats and carpet
  11. Spot clean headliner
  12. Clean windows and mirror surfaces

Polymer Paint Sealant Package:

  • Use of Acrylic polymers/ high grade silicones
  • Protect paint up to 1 year

Other Services:

Hours of Operation:

All services are performed by appointment only.

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