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Here’s what our clients have said about the professionalism and quality of service they continue to receive from us:

Haute Details has detailed my car for the last six years and I have always been very satisfied. Every time I get my car detailed, I am amazed at how much it looks like a new vehicle! The service is always courteous and friendly and accommodates my schedule. It’s a pleasure to deal with someone who takes so much pride in his work!

Susan D., Client since 2006

I don’t usually write testimonials, not because I am lazy, or not thankful for great service. It just seems that these days, I don’t often receive service that goes above and beyond the norm and actually deserves an extra few words of gratitude. 

Well, today I’d like to thank my pal, Thi Tran, and his crew at Haute Details, for not only working very hard and long at keeping some of my biggest investments clean, beautiful and well maintained.

Not only do my automobiles look fabulous, they are treated and looked after with the finest quality materials and applied as dictated by the time of day, the weather, the time of year and to the standards that one hopes one would take care of their own car.
Glowing testimonial, indeed!

You see, I know Thi is also a car guy, as we have grown to be friends and have talked about the who, what, where and when of detailing, brands, models, materials and application,…yes, we are car guys, but as a teenager, I also started a detail business of my own – in Beverly Hills. This only means that I know a bit about hard work, quality and what to do for my cars and how to do it. The great thing is this,…I don’t have to any more! Thi Tran and Haute Details has listened to my wishes, my wants and desires regarding the care of my automobiles. Thi has really gone the extra mile with me and mine. I can’t be more grateful and I can’t be more happy with his services. He is a good man. He is hard working, trustworthy, detail oriented and willing to go the extra mile when trying to make a customer happy. Obviously, he has made me happy.

Thi is also my friend. A kindred spirit and all around good guy.

– Mark W., client since 2009

To be honest, I had high expectations from this Albuquerque fine car detailing service run by an engineer. Were these expectations met? In a word: absolutely (and with no hesitation or qualification).

The attention to detail was superb, as was the willingness of the staff to go the extra mile and take care of unanticipated detected flaws without being asked.

The pricing of the several offered services is fair. Others may charge a bit less, but in the end, Haute Details delivers what is necessary to make any car look better than could have been anticipated. Whether it was the excellent care afforded the interior flaxen leather, or whether it was ensuring that there were no “wax lines” showing along the transparent paint protection film after the service, every part of the vehicles from the tires to the roof was cared for perfectly.

Haute Details is recommended for your fine vehicle.

– David M., client since 2008

Thank you again for your hard work on the detail job of my VW GTI.  No elbow grease was spared here and I am thankful for the hard work that you put into this car.  I would highly recommend you to others.  You are professional, honest, and efficient.  I appreciate what you did for me, for the car!  Thanks Thi!

– Kenneth C., client since 2012

Thi Tran, the owner of Haute Details has been cleaning and detailing our cars since we moved to New Mexico in 2007. Hiring Thi (pronounced “Tea”) is such a pleasure – from start to finish.
Since he is easy to reach and very conscientious about returning phone calls, appointments are a cinch to schedule. Further, in the 8 years that we have known Thi, he has never canceled or been late. At the scheduled time, he arrives in his van, almost always working by himself, and gets right to work.
During the very detailed cleaning, he is a quiet presence. My neighbors watch him enviously – commenting on how impressed they are with the care that he takes.  Thi’s work is consistent and thorough, so the car always looks amazing, when he has finished.
I work from home, so I’m usually present during the cleanings, but I would not hesitate for a second to have Thi at my home when I am not there. He is the consummate professional and a lovely, lovely human being. I feel lucky to know him.

– Rebecca T, client since 2007

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