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Protective Coating

Protective Coating is an application of ceramic or silica coating that will yield a gloss, an improved overall durability, and provide scratch resistance that can last up to 1-4 years (depending on the coating material used). Coating is highly recommended when Paint Correction has been completed because the defects and swirls on the paint will be eliminated or reduced and ready for a seal or coat of protection. Coating is added in layers, which will increase the thickness to the paint dramatically improving your vehicle’s ability to resist environmental contamination. The coating material also has some “flexibility,” which means that even though it is hard enough to protect, it is still soft enough to not develop micro-cracks that can hurt looks or longevity. The Coating requires 1-2 days of curing, but once done, you will be amazed at the visual hydrophobic qualities as tight uniform water beads glide off the surface of the vehicle.

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