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Deep Leather Clean & Condition

Deep Leather Clean and Condition is a rejuvenation and preservation treatment for leather. It is performed as a stand-alone service and requires at least 24 hours to properly perform this procedure. This treatment is done by bare hands and employs only the finest leather care solution to protect and condition your leather. This deep leather cleaning and conditioning goes beyond the superficial surface of the leather. Using the finest premium brand Leatherique, this complex blend of animal proteins and collagens (no fillers) penetrates deep into the leather grains and expels contaminants embedded in the fibers restoring strength and resiliency, essentially preserving the soft, supple nature of leather. With regular maintenance, your leather will retain its beauty and durability over time. If you would like more details on this service, we’ll be happy to take your call.

Prices start at $160 for two seats.


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